Friday, December 2, 2011

Just to say...

No pictures this time,just going to enjoy the world of typing out a few paragraphs of why I made this Site!

So the very first thing is that I was quite jealous of my wonderful cousin Iona Nicole.Because she has a couple blogs and they are awesome!
Her Most popular one is
You should go visit it sometime.

I also really wanted to make a blog because I knew I had the talent for it and That people would enjoy my writing!Please, please, please give me blogging advice since this is my first blog.
If you ever see me like make a mistake or something like that,just message me or comment on it,and i will be sure to fix it:D

I had one website  before this one,but it broke down and no one really liked it,so google wont let me delete it or do anything to fix it and wont pick it when I search it.So that kind of stunk!

I am a great guitar player from what people tell me,and Sometime I think they are just being nice..and other times I just think they really mean it XD

I will eventually post some drawings and other photography that I've done

If you need to EVER reach me,then im sure you know what to do; comment!
Please no bad talk or Cussing on my blog, I do not allow that at all.
If you really think me blog is good then you will get friends to follow and their friends to follow and then on and on and on.

I will probably talk alot about these few songs:
SAY by: john Mayer
Over the rainbow by:IZ
Mistletoe by: Justin Bieber
DrummerBoy by: Justin Bieber

Those are just a few of my most favorite songs by those people:D

If i begin to ramble on and on about something then please say something about it!

Thank you for following me and getting friends too:D


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